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May 18, 2023 10:12:58 AM | Shoplazza News GBG Loqate: Address verification creating incredible experiences

Shoplazza simplifies international ecommerce for global merchants with GBG Loqate's accurate premise-level location data

We’re excited to announce our partnership with GBG Loqate! Our collaboration is another way to increase trust with our merchants and improve their worldwide ecommerce performance. 

GBG Loqate’s premise-level data for North America and Europe is helping us create growth opportunities for international trade and support our joint mission to expand our presence worldwide! 

By integrating GBG Loqate’s address verification into our checkout process, we improved the accuracy of our customers’ address data, resulting in increased checkout efficiency, fewer delivery issues and a better overall customer experience.

Through a single API, combining millions of data points from 249 countries and territories, GBG Loqate enables Shoplazza to capture, verify and enrich customer data. 

“GBG Loqate’s type-ahead autocomplete makes it much easier for people to input their addresses, especially if they enter their zip code first. In some countries, entering that code will prefill the entire address for that customer. This is exactly the kind of feature we want to give our buyers”, says Bing, Chief Technology Officer at Shoplazza.

"This partnership with Shoplazza helps their customers confidently enter their addresses, knowing they will be accurate and verified. This has led to a reduction in delivery issues, which has helped Shoplazza build trust with their customers and improve their cross-border ecommerce performance", says Matthew Furneaux, Global Commercial Director of GBG Loqate.

Bringing GBG Loqate’s curated location data to Shoplazza’s ecosystem of retailers and brands has helped them reach even more customers across the globe. “Currently, we’re using Address Capture and Address Verify,” says Bing. “In the future, there will be more uses for GBG Loqate, especially in the fraud detection and email validation fields.”

This is yet another partnership to improve the experience of our merchants further, making their journey seamless. Welcome aboard, Loqate!

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