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The Shoplazza and Meta APAC teams at the Shoplazza offices, in front of Shoplazza's logo.

Oct 12, 2023 9:05:22 AM | Meta APAC & Shoplazza Amplify Partnership for Global E-Commerce Growth

The Shoplazza and Meta APAC teams met in Shenzhen, China recently to enhance collaboration between both companies.

In a recent collaborative meeting, Nadia Tan, the Managing Director - Partnership & Business Development, Asia Pacific at Meta APAC (Asia-Pacific), and her team visited the headquarters of Shoplazza, a frontrunner in providing E-commerce solutions globally. The dialogue was warmly received by Bing Xia, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Shoplazza, alongside other key members from both parties. They revisited their collaborative history and carved out ambitious plans to deepen their partnership in aiding overseas merchants through AI advertising products and E-commerce retail landscapes.

The cross-border E-commerce industry has evolved over the years, transitioning from product export to brand globalization. A pivotal aspect of this evolution is the conversion of overseas paid traffic, which Meta, being a major player in overseas paid media, significantly impacts. As a strategic ally of Meta, Shoplazza remains dedicated to offering seamless website-building SaaS solutions and invaluable overseas market insights for brands eyeing global expansion. Shoplazza’s synergy with Meta, notably through the Conversion API encompassing Facebook data developer tools and data tracking plugins, enables merchants to glean more marketing insights, thereby refining advertising performance and promotional outcomes.

The ongoing technological advancements in artificial intelligence and big data continue to broaden the horizon for Shoplazza and Meta's future collaboration. During the meeting, CTO Bing Xia shared insights into Shoplazza’s strides in AI including text and image processing, customer service, website building, among others, signifying an anticipation for perpetual collaboration to unlock boundless digital marketing potentials.

Nadia Tan expressed optimism towards an enriched cooperation with Shoplazza in the emerging AI advertising space, E-commerce platforms, and brand content API, aiming to proficiently navigate cross-border business in overseas markets.

The enduring partnership between Meta and Shoplazza has already spurred substantial business growth and brand value for many cross-border enterprises. A highlight of the visit was Nadia Tan's engagement at the headquarters of Shoplazza's hallmark client, Creality Chuangxiang 3D, a world-renowned consumer-grade 3D printer manufacturer. Through Shoplazza, Creality has been able to build brand-aware websites and E-commerce platforms, garnering a broader spectrum of tech aficionados via Facebook. This showcases the promising trajectory of enhancing global brand influence through the Meta-Shoplazza collaboration.

Currently, Shoplazza’s robust E-commerce SaaS solutions cater to over 360,000 global merchants. The broad spectrum of solutions spans across extensive E-commerce themes, simplified product order management, multi-channel marketing, and secure payment solutions. Moreover, Shoplazza is diligently crafting a solid partner ecosystem centered around its core offerings. Through an integrated App, the ecosystem amalgamates top-notch services and solutions at every juncture of the cross-border E-commerce industry chain, including ERP, payment, logistics, warehousing, product selection, supply chain, marketing, and user operations.

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