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Apr 6, 2023 9:00:00 AM | Shoplazza News Shoplazza x Wholesale2B: Giving merchants access to 1.5 million goods

A new partnership with Wholesale2B gives Shoplazza merchants more opportunities to grow their dropshipping business!

We're happy to share our partnership with dropshipping pioneer Wholesale2B!

Together, Wholesale2B and Shoplazza will empower merchants with more than 1.5 million dropshipping products.

What sets Wholesale2B apart from competitors is its time efficiency. It offers delivery time reports that allow you to see the average days each supplier takes to deliver your products.

As a leading SaaS shopping cart company, we deeply understand North American merchants' needs. The close partnership with Wholesale2B will maximize the strengths of both parties, giving Shoplazza merchants easy access to this network of suppliers and products.

With Wholesale2B, Shoplazza merchants can start a dropshipping business with no hassle since now we're offering dropshipping integrations, which include us managing and processing your orders with 100+ suppliers—all in one place.

About this partnership, Alyson Zhang, Chief Operating Officer of Shoplazza, said: "Shoplazza aims to break all technical barriers for merchants worldwide to reach their goals, which is why we are excited about the launch of the Wholesale2B app in our app store. The partnership between Shoplazza and Wholesale2B will make all the difference for dropshipping businesses. Through Wholesale2B integration, Shoplazza store owners can run their dropshipping business easily in North America."

Peter Caradonna, CEO & Founder of Wholesale2B, stated that they aim to make the dropshipping experience with Shoplazza as comfortable and easy as possible. He emphasized that many of the suppliers that Wholesale2B has onboard are homegrown in the United States, which makes it a reliable choice for anyone willing to start a dropshipping business from the comfort of their homes.

After signing up on Wholesale2B, merchants can quickly kickstart their dropshipping business with the platform by installing the Wholesale2B in the Shoplazza App Store.

Ready to dropship and thrive?

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Written by: Shoplazza

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