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Shoplazza Partners With TikTok to Deliver More Traffic Driving Options

Sep 19, 2022 12:00:00 AM | Shoplazza News Shoplazza Partners With TikTok to Deliver More Traffic Driving Options

Shoplazza partners with TikTok to help merchants create and run ad campaigns customized for TikTok's highly engaged community.

Cover image shows Shoplazza's and TikTok For Business' logos, next to an illustration of a woman standing near an oversized smartphone, where the words "social commerce" are written.

Sept 5th, Toronto - Shoplazza, a leading shopping cart SaaS, is partnering with TikTok to help merchants create and run ad campaigns customized for TikTok's highly engaged community. This partnership is the latest Shoplazza platform integration to equip merchants with easy-to-use tools and diverse advertising options for making their products more discoverable and accelerating tangible business results.

Technology is changing online shopping behaviors. Consumers' shopping decisions have gradually changed from being influenced by products and prices to being shaped by personalized recommendations and content. Consumers love connecting with brands and products they're passionate about. Engaging and entertaining content delivered to the right target audiences can make a big difference for merchants in creating shoppable experiences.

TikTok lives at the intersection of commerce, entertaining content, and community, where a single piece of content can quickly go viral and clear product shelves. TikTok's interactive nature is creating an entirely new way for brands to connect with creators and their communities authentically. A study by TikTok in partnership with Publicis Groupe and WARC found that 78% of consumers surveyed are now accustomed to spending more time interacting with people and brands through virtual social channels.

Given the TikTok For Business integration, Shoplazza merchants can now enjoy:

  • 1-Click ad account setup (not applicable to self-service ad accounts): kick off your advertising campaigns on TikTok with just a click.
  • Convenient TikTok Pixel installation: merchants can easily track and maximize advertising efforts with 1-click TikTok Pixel installation on their Shoplazza e-commerce website. It automatically updates and leverages advanced matching capabilities to increase ad visibility for the right shoppers, optimize campaign results, and maximize return on ad spending. 
  • Unlock value-based optimization campaign: target higher-value audiences, obtain high-quality traffic from TikTok, and increase revenue. 
  • Automatically create lookalike audiences: help merchants expand audience reach and optimize campaign results.

Merchants could also look forward to future development such as TikTok Shopping Ads and convenient catalog syncs to help power TikTok catalog-based commerce ad solutions in an automated, personalized manner.

"I'm excited to help our merchants and brand owners connect with their consumers more efficiently and continue to empower them to go global through the Shoplazza and TikTok partnership," said Shoplazza CEO Jeff Li. 

Up until now, Shoplazza has provided its SaaS solutions for more than 360,000 merchants worldwide. And it continues to expand its offer to meet new and emerging needs, as well as to expand its partners' community.  

"We're thrilled to partner with Shoplazza to offer TikTok for Business solutions to its merchants," said Adrian Man, Director of Ecosystem Partnerships, APAC, at TikTok. "TikTok lives at the unique intersections of content, community, and commerce that's fuelling a new shopping phenomenon on a global scale. We are proud to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and merchants to shape the next era of online selling."

As a leading ecommerce SaaS platform, Shoplazza is committed to making online selling easier, so that anyone can build, manage and scale their online store. Shoplazza continues to innovate its technology and connect with outstanding partners in diverse fields to help merchants and brand owners become more successful by maintaining their competitive edge.

Shoplazza is an ecommerce platform with the mission of exploring new frontiers in online commerce and creating inspiring, engaging, and bold shopping experiences.

Written By: Mia Wang

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