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Shoplazza Participates in Panel Discussion at Alibaba Cloud AI & Big Data Summit 2024

Feb 13, 2024 6:25:04 PM | Shoplazza Participates in Panel Discussion at Alibaba Cloud AI & Big Data Summit 2024

Shoplazza's Head of Financial Services Vivian Xu discussed AI, business practices and operational efficiency at the Alibaba Cloud AI & Big Data Summit 2024.

Singapore, January 31, 2024 - Shoplazza, a global AI-commerce technology company, presented its latest advancements in AI generative tools at the Alibaba Cloud AI & Big Data Summit 2024 in Singapore on January 30th. Offering an all-encompassing platform, Shoplazza empowers businesses to create, manage, and expand their online stores, ensuring a harmonious integration with physical retail outlets.

During a compelling panel titled "Charting the Course: Key Challenges in Navigating the AI-Driven Transformation," Vivian Xu, Head of Financial Services at Shoplazza, shared valuable perspectives. The discussion, attended by distinguished industry figures, explored the profound implications of AI on the future of business practices and operational efficiency, emphasizing the importance of AI in maintaining competitiveness in the digital era.

Vivian Xu, noted for her extensive experience in fintech and software engineering and her leadership roles at global technology corporations, contributed significantly to the dialogue. The discussion highlighted an IDC report predicting that spending on AI-centric systems will soar beyond $300 billion by 2026, underscoring the urgency for businesses to integrate AI into their strategic planning.


Shoplazza panel at the Alibaba Cloud AI & Big Data Summit 2024Vivian Xu, Head of Financial Services at Shoplazza, engaged in a thoughtful discussion on the transformative power of AI in business at the Alibaba Cloud AI & Big Data Summit 2024.


"The influence of AI on the business landscape extends far beyond its technological capabilities. For organizations to fully leverage AI, it's crucial to integrate AI strategies into their overarching vision, ensuring a seamless alignment with their core objectives," said Vivian. "At Shoplazza, we foster an environment of ongoing learning and innovation, making AI tools a fundamental part of our operational fabric to enhance efficiency and inform our decision-making processes. Looking forward, AI will transition from a competitive advantage to a necessity, transforming job roles and emphasizing the need for leadership in both innovation and ethical practices. As we navigate this evolution, we're confronted with new challenges, from addressing advanced fraud techniques to the responsible handling of data. Our journey with AI is as much about embracing technological advancements as it is about pioneering in ethical innovation."

In the broader context, AI's macro impact on global industries and economies cannot be overstated. It's reshaping how businesses operate, creating new opportunities for growth and innovation while posing significant challenges requiring careful navigation. AI is transforming the workforce, automating tasks, and fostering new working methods that prioritize agility and adaptability. As AI continues to evolve, its integration into every facet of business and society will demand a concerted effort from all stakeholders to ensure that its benefits are realized effectively and its challenges are addressed responsibly.

The Alibaba Cloud AI & Big Data Summit 2024 served as a crucial platform for thought leaders to share insights on AI and big data trends, showcasing keynote addresses, product demonstrations, and success stories. Shoplazza's involvement in the summit emphasizes its commitment to utilizing AI to enhance E-commerce platforms, showcasing its dedication to innovation and customer-focused solutions.

Shoplazza's role in advancing AI-commerce technology, underscores its leadership in providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the dynamic needs of today's online businesses.


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