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Shoplazza Elevates E-commerce Dialogue at SME Summit 2023 & FounderMade

Nov 2, 2023 9:00:00 AM | Shoplazza Elevates E-commerce Dialogue at SME Summit 2023 & FounderMade

In October 2023, Shoplazza attended the Canadian SME Summit, in Toronto, and the FounderMade Innovation Show West x Hawkefest in Santa Monica.

November 2, 2023 – Shoplazza, a leading SaaS platform, marked a significant presence at two pivotal industry events, the Canadian SME Summit 2023 in Toronto and FounderMade. With a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) at the Canadian SME Summit and a broader business audience at FounderMade, Shoplazza showcased its resolve to propel the e-commerce domain forward with its innovative solutions.

At the Canadian SME Summit, Shoplazza was at the forefront, exhibiting its advanced e-commerce solutions at a dedicated kiosk. Additionally, Shoplazza participated in a compelling panel discussion titled “Future-Proofing SME Sale: Balancing AI Tools With Human Touch”.

The discussion highlighted the strategic importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in augmenting SME success while ensuring personalized customer engagements. The insights shared by Shoplazza’s panelists spurred enriching dialogues on marrying technological advancements with human-centric approaches in sales strategies, resonating profoundly with the small business-centric audience of the summit.

At FounderMade, Shoplazza continued to engage a broader business audience by demonstrating its robust e-commerce solutions at a dedicated kiosk. Attendees had the opportunity to experience firsthand the capabilities of Shoplazza’s platform in modernizing business operations and facilitating a smoother digital transformation journey.

Alyson Zhang, the co-founder, COO, and Head of Internationalization at Shoplazza, reflected on the significance of both engagements, stating, “Our participation in the Canadian SME Summit and FounderMade is a testament to our ongoing commitment to fostering an environment where businesses, regardless of size, can thrive in the digital landscape. A core part of our approach is the smart retail solution, also known as O2O (Online to Offline), which can be applied to many verticals, including eyewear. Our recent collaboration with Eyewear retail space showcases our dedication to aiding traditional retail enterprises in their digital transformation journey.”  

“By leveraging our robust e-commerce platform and the versatility of our O2O solution, eyewear retail landscape has been making strides in digitizing its business operations and expanding its global footprint. The insightful exchanges at both events have been invaluable, affirming the trajectory of our technological solutions and providing a collaborative platform to refine our offerings further,” Zhang said.

Shoplazza’s proactive involvement in both events underscores its mission to drive a balanced narrative focusing on harmonizing innovative technology with human interaction, ensuring that businesses remain competitive and resilient in today’s fast-evolving marketplace.

Shoplazza extends its appreciation towards the organizers and participants of both the Canadian SME Summit and FounderMade for the collaborative atmosphere, which enabled a fruitful exchange of insights contributing to the broader mission of business empowerment in the digital era.

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